As a medium of artistic expression as well as a branch of design, craft is especially emphasized in modern society, because it can bridge the human spirit with the material environment. The Metalwork and jewelry department has been offering distinctive, professional education for the field of contemporary metalwork for more than 30 years. The undergraduate curriculum includes jewelry, holloware, metal sculpture, metal product design, and the history of metals and contemporary issues, all of which provide a framework for developing a high degree of professional competence and pursuing individual creative goals. With high quality of facility, internationally recognized faculty members, a variety of lectures, and the exchange student program, the metalwork and jewelry at kookmin university provides one of the highest quality education in the world.


Following the establishment of Kookmin University in 1946, the College of Design was created through the merging of various departments of applied and decorative arts.

Faculty Members


Gum, Nuri

Hongik Univ., B.F.A.
Hongik Univ., M.F.A.
Research Student Ensaama de Paris, France


Jeon, Yong IL

Seoul National Univ., B.F.A.
Miami University U.S.A., M.F.A.


Chung, Yong jin

Kookmin Univ., B.F.A
University of Wisconsine_medison, U.S.A., M.F.A.


Lee, Dong Chun

Kookmin Univ., B.F.A
Diploma, Fachhochschule Fuer Gestaltung
Pforzheim, Diploma


Kang, Yeon Mi

Seoul National Univ., B.F.A.
Seoul National Univ., M.F.A.
University of Illinois, U.S.A., M.F.A.


Hyun, Ji Yeon

Seoul National Univ., B.F.A.
Seoul National Univ., M.F.A.
Univ. of Central England, Birmingham, UK., M.F.A.


Park, Jung Kwan

Kookmin Univ., B.F.A
Kookmin Univ., M.F.A.
Illinois State University, USA., M.F.A.


Kim, Seung Hee- Professor Emeritus

College of Fine Art, Seoul National Univ., B.F.A.
Cranbrroke Acaden of Art, Michigan, U.S.A., B.F.A.
Indiana University, U.S.A., M.F.A.

International Exchange


The Metalwork and Jewelry course at Kookmin University has conducted an exchange program for professors since 1982.
It continues to have the most active exchange program in art education in universities in Korea.

During 1998~ 2015 period, Metalwork & Jewelry program exchanged 190 students ( in 71, out 119) with universities world wide

BFA Curriculum

1. Metal Craft I, II

Developing workshop skills and the ability to work creatively with metals and other media. This subject is a studio-based discipline linked to the traditions

2. Jewelry Making I, II

Students learn some basic jewelry making skills such as how to carve a wax model and fabricate metal jewelry.

3. Form and Structure I, II

An investigation into the spatial and formal relationships of 3D objects.Students will develop their understanding through modeling with different materials.

4. Forming Discipline through digital media

The study to operate computer software that is practicable for 3D computer modeling, simple animation, and simulation to express a metal object before making a real piece as a model.

5. Art and craft I, II

Students learn how to design and craft intricate objects using their understanding of form, materials and technology. This project allows the student to produce a functional object and demonstrate their construction skills

6 . Art Jewelry I, II

Students learn the basic concept of jewelry making skills to establish a personal vocabulary in their jewelry work.

7. Jewelry Design (natural stone carving)

This course brings together creativity and function through the production of finished pieces of jewelry.

8. Digital Technology and Production

Students learn some of the leading technologies in digitalized and automated
processrather than traditional techniques and its production process. This course provides an importance of software programs and digitalized hardware devices for
mass production in craft. (opens only in spring semester, basic skill of photoshop, illustrator, rhino, CAD required)

Main Event

1. BFA Show

Graduate Exhibition by seniors, annually held in a gallery downtown Seoul. Every year faculty members choose the Excellence Award for the best work from the show and give the medal during the opening ceremony.

2. Junior Show

Junior students present their assignment projects from various classes. Opens at Cho-hyung gallery in college building at the end of semester.

3. Annual Forum

Held at the beginning of spring semester. Students discuss about specific subjects, current issues related to metal work through presentations by students, and special lectures by guest speakers. This forum also offers a chance for students to get acquainted with each other by providing several social events.

4. Jewelry Street

Jewelry sale activity which is one of the most popular events at Kookmin University Festival in spring. Students develop bodies of jewelry and have opportunities to sell on campus.

5. Jewelry Show

An event to present experimental art jewelry in every 3 years. Students engage in all the part of preparation of the show- directing, producing, stage design, costume, modeling, as well as making of innovative art jewelry.

6. Alchemists

“Alchemists” is the name for the show arranged by graduate students annually held in a gallery in Seoul. The Graduate program in Metalwork and Jewelry at Kookmin University is the largest in Korea. Graduate students present diverse approaches of their work in this exhibition.

7. MFA Show

Thesis show. Graduate students present the final results of individually directed research works for thesis projects.



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